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Nationally-known speaker and educational consultant, Carole Joy Seid,
teaches on the subject of great literature and its impact on family culture and educational success.
Thousands of families across the U.S. can attest to the power of her thoughtful,
literature-based approach to life and learning.

For more information, please contact: seminars@carolejoyseid.com


About Carole

Carole is a veteran homeschool mother who holds a
B.A. in fine arts, a master’s degree in education and is
a CPLC certified life coach. She has taught in preschool, elementary, and junior high classrooms in both public and Christian schools.


Carole believes that reading great books benefits children not only academically, but in terms of character development, problem solving skills, spiritual maturity, social intelligence and relationships.

2020 Seminars

April 25

A Literature-Based Approach


May 2

Begin with the End in Mind


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Consulting with Carole

Are you confused, overwhelmed, or in need of wise counsel? 

Carole is available by phone appointment to walk with you through your family’s journey.

She will teach you how to home school, simply, inexpensively and enjoyably, using her approach based on great books, great books and more great books. You will be given concrete and practical help to implement a more relaxed approach, as you create
a loving nurturing environment for your children.  


In addition to educational consulting, Carole also is available to work with families in the area of nutrition, discipline, order in your home or brainstorming to develop strategies for working with a difficult or struggling child.

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Sabbath Rest Retreat Center

Are you in need of a true Sabbath Rest? 

Carole has been beautifully ministered to by times of solitude throughout the years.

She believes that creating a silent and sacred space for people to connect with God and their true self is needed. Because of this, Carole has purchased a large home in the beautiful historic town of Guthrie, OK and is creating a silent retreat center adjoining her home.

More About Sabbath Rest >>


Podcast Interviews

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