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Are you confused, overwhelmed, or in need of wise counsel? 


Carole is available by phone appointment to walk with you through your family’s journey.
She will teach you how to homeschool, simply, inexpensively and enjoyably, using her approach based on great books, great books and more great books. You will be
given concrete and practical help to implement a more relaxed approach, as you create a loving nurturing environment for your children.


It is highly recommended to listen to Carole's basic seminar, A Literature Based Approach to Education, before scheduling a consultation. 


In addition to educational consulting, Carole also is available to work with families in the area of nutrition, discipline, building a home library, order in your home or brainstorming to develop strategies for working with a difficult or struggling child.

What will the appointment look like?

Your appointment is personalized to your family. Carole will call you and begin by asking for a brief history of each child and what daily life looks life. After that it's whatever you need from Carole — for example: discussion of curriculum options, planning and organization, or even help with a difficult child. Carole holds a certification, CPLC, for Professional Life Coach and Christian Life Coach.

How to schedule an appointment

Carole typically consults on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. Consulting times and dates are first come, first serve. You can book an appointment online HERE


Contact us if you need help scheduling your appointment. 

Fees & Billing

Carole's fee is $120 per hr. with a minimum of 1-1/2 hrs, and a max of 2hrs.
We prefer payment to be done online through PayPal invoicing.

If you desire to pay with a check, please let us know at the time of your booking.


*There is a 72 hour cancellation notice policy.

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