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Sarah Mackenzie, Read-Aloud Revival

Episode 22


Pam Barnhill, Homeschool Snapshots

Episode 18


Brian Ricks, 101 Homeschool Ideas

Episode 68

Listen to Radio Interviews

Frank Pastore, KKLA

Interview 01 - Frank Pastore

Terry Lind, KWAVE

Interview 02 - Terry Lind
Interview 03 - Terry Lind
Interview 04 - Terry Lind
Interviews with Carole

Carole Joy Seid has been featured on almost every major Christian talk radio show discussing great literature, home education, and how to nurture spiritually strong families. As an expert in children’s literature with dynamic speaking abilities, Carole delivers an exciting interview that will keep audiences riveted.


Parents, grandparents, Sunday school teachers, librarians, and homeschooling families all find Carole’s message encouraging and educational.


Interested in having Carole on your Radio or Podcast programming? Contact: for more information.

Brief Radio History

Janet Parshall
WMBI In the Market with Janet Parshall
Moody Radio Network

Donna Leeland
WMBI. Chicago, IL


Mark Elfstrand
WMBI The Morning Show. Chicago, IL


Jim Warren
WMBI Prime Time America
Moody Radio Network. Chicago, IL

Dick Staub
WYLL Salem. Chicago, IL


Sandy Rios
WYLL Salem. Chicago, IL


Bob & Gerri Boyd
Issues in Education. Nationally Syndicated

P.J. Oliver
KMTS Salem. San Francisco, CA

Warren Duffy
KKLA. Los Angeles, CA

Frank Pastore

KKLA. Los Angeles, CA

Terry Lind

KWVE. Costa Mesa, CA

Tamara Kay
KWVE. Costa Mesa, CA


Greg Allen
WGNR Moody affiliate. Indianapolis, IN


Jan Michelson
WHO ABC affiliate. Des Moines, IA


Jeff S.hell, Lee Michaels
KKMS Minneapolis, MN


Bruce Munsterman
KHCB. Houston, TX


Bonnie Bemen
KHCB. Houston, TX


Dr. Keitha
KDKR. Dallas, TX


Don Smarto
WBAP Parenting Today’s Youth

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