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All About Homeschool with Carole Joy Seid provides the framework you need to educate your children simply, inexpensively, and enjoyably. This class combines everything Carole has taught for over 30 years that will help you take a literature based approach to education and begin with the end in mind. This is a resource you will return to again and again as it speaks to and informs your homeschooling journey every step of the way! It also features Carole’s teaching on the importance of nutrition in helping children thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Simplify Homeschooling

Carole teaches a philosophy of education that requires only a Bible, library card, and math curriculum to give your children what they need most: a love of learning.

Don't spend anymore time on the merry-go-round of curriculum experimentation! Get a breath of fresh air as you listen to Carole's down to earth approach that uses great books to partner with you to raise godly and smart children.

It's time to experience the joy of homeschooling!

DVD: Homeschool Made Simple

DVD with Handouts: 2.5hrs

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