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Kid-Created Timelines

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Quick Reference: Timeline How-To
1. Start with a roll of good quality white paper.
2. Establish beginning and ending historic dates.
3. Divide paper into equal parts: Mark the half way point of the timeline, divide those sections in half, then those 4 sections in half, until there is a manageable number of years per space.
4. Have an adult do the writing. Mark the dates and key events in that period; as you read throughout the year let your child(ren) illustrate a representative event of their choice.
5. Have numerous pictorial books available from the pertinent period so they have references to draw from and are not reduced to stick figures :)
6. Let each child who is old enough do their own timeline. Helpful Hints: To prevent disasters: Unroll only the area they are working on at the time; keep each end rolled like a scroll. When finished hang next to their bed or display in an honored area of your home.

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