Salad as a Meal

Fresh Spring Meal Salad with simple homemade dressing.

Enjoy this salad as a full meal, full of fresh ingredients, fiber, and protein. Serve with your choice of dressing below.


SUGGESTED VEGETABLES CHOICES 3 handfuls of chopped organic kale 2-3 handfuls of organic arugula 2-3 carrots (thinly sliced, shredded, or chopped) 2-3 stalks of celery sliced Bell or baby sweet peppers (red, yellow, green, or orange) sliced 2-3 baby cucumbers 5 raw mushrooms sliced Small wedge purple onion, thinly sliced Large handful cherry tomatoes, or slice larger tomato 1 whole avocado, peeled and cut into chunks

PROTEIN OPTIONS Canned tuna or tuna salad Hard-boiled eggs or egg salad Leftover salmon, chicken, steak, lamb, etc. 1/4 - 1/2 cup slivered almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc.

DRESSINGS (to top salad immediately) 3 tbsp. of organic extra virgin oils 1 ½ tbsp. of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar 1 tsp. authentic balsamic vinegar ½ juice of a lime fresh ground pepper to taste -OR- HOMEMADE DRESSING IN A JAR (to serve immediately and to save for later): 3/4 c. Extra virgin olive oil 1/4 c. Apple Cider Vinegar 2 tbsp. mustard 1 tsp. - 1 tbsp. fresh lemon, orange, or lime juice salt & pepper to taste


SALAD Place all vegetables in a large bowl to create the salad. Add protein options to top. DRESSING Put ingredients on salad in the order listed. Toss lightly and enjoy! HOMEMADE DRESSING IN A JAR Put all ingredients in a jar and seal with tight lid. Shake vigorously. Add salt & pepper to taste. Pour over salad and/or save for later in refrigerator. Will save for weeks when refrigerated.

*Note: olive oil will solidify in the refrigerator and turn cloudy. This is normal. Simply remove from refrigerator at least 1/2 hour before serving to bring back to room temperature. Shake before serving.

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