A Letter from Rachel

Dear Carole,

The first time I listened to a recording of yours online, I instantly knew I connected with what you shared. It was like a ray of sunshine into my life! I continue to tell moms that you are anointed by the Lord to encourage, inspire and refresh homeschooling families.

I thank God for the information I have learned from your seminars and reading the books you have recommended. I taught for 13 years and enjoyed it and now look forward to teaching my own children! While teaching in public schools, I had such desire to mentor younger teachers and now my heart desires to encourage newer moms who are considering or on a homeschooling journey.

Prior to attending your seminar, I put together labeled file folders with lots and lots of worksheets and laminated more things than I can count! After your seminar, I put aside these things and did that which has brought so much enjoyment to our home....reading lots and lots of books (we did lots of reading before your seminar but we would have been squeezing in all those worksheets on top of the reading only because isn't this what school is "supposed" to look like!).

My husband and I are both readers and we have always looked for books of high quality and excellence but since getting your book list, our understanding of being aware of the content and illustrations with children's books had increased significantly. My husband had read the entire Little House series to the kids as well as many others. We invest in books and your seminar is one of my favorite places to get new books for our family library! Your list of books has opened our world to authors and books that will have a lasting impact! I also use Honey for a Child's heart to check out books from our library....what a difference this has made as before I would be so disappointed with many of the books we brought back as I searched through the rows trying to find some good books. Now we have discovered some amazing authors that we may have missed, one of our recent favorites has been Uri Schulevitz!

It would be a blessing if you did a video on your second seminar too, and I hope you consider this! You truly are a gift to the homeschooling community!!!

I continue to thank God for you!!!




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