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Episode 106: What's On My Nightstand

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Everyone always asks me what I am reading. What is on your nightstand?!

Well, in this episode, I'm sharing a stack of books I've been perusing and reading lately.

It includes children's books, a historical fiction series, a biography of one of my heroes, and a few more.

Far Out the Long Canal by Meindert DeJong

Meindert DeJong was born in Holland, but his family immigrated from Holland. He was raised in Dutch Michigan, but many of his books are set in Holland itself. And I am so glad they are!

Far Out the Long Canal is a rite of passage book. It tells the story of Moonta who doesn't yet know how to ice skate, and he is nine years old!

DeJong tells the story of how Moonta overcomes every obstacle.

It is not a barn-burner. You have to tell your children, "Just trust me - you're gonna love this. It's not always going to be things blowing up on the first page." These beautiful, sweet family stories teach your children without you having to say a word.

The St. Simons Trilogy by Eugenia Price

I first read this series when I was a fairly new Christian, new to this type of historical fiction.

Eugenia Price was a bestselling Christian author in that day, and she wrote this well-researched trilogy about the people who settled St. Simons Island.

She wrote the books in reverse order, but they tell the story of the family of James Gould. The trilogy includes Lighthouse, New Moon Rising, The Beloved Invader. These books are respectful in their writing, clean, and based in history.

I love to read the history of a place, and these books are fascinating!

Turkey for Christmas by Marguerite DeAngeli

The illustrations are lovely and wholesome. DeAngeli tells the story of a family on hard times. A father comes home to his family and tells them they can choose to have presents or a turkey for Christmas. The family together chooses a turkey over the presents.

"Turkey for Christmas" tells the story of how their character is formed through the joy and sacrifice.

I'm sorry to tell you that I paid a fortune for it used, so I'd encourage you to try to find it in a library. Though you can trust DeAngeli's work, because her books are always worth it!

I shared a whole episode on Marguerite DeAngeli in episode 46 of the podcast. You can find that episode HERE.

Mother of Modern Evangelicalism by Arlin C. Migliazzo

This is a book I have wanted to read for a long time. I did a podcast episode on Henrietta Mears in episode 20. You can find that episode HERE.

Henrietta Mears was a children's education director at Hollywood Presbyterian. She influenced people like Billy Graham and Richard Halverson though she never as prominent as them.

The author's contention is that Mears almost created the Evangelical movement. It is a bit of a tome so I have skimmed some parts, but it is a comprehensive look at one of my heroes!

The Lord is My Shepherd: Resting in the Peace and Power of Psalm 23 by Robert J. Morgan

I was given this book. It is a beautiful book for people going through difficulty and suffering.

Dr. Ben Carson said, "Even if your life is not stressful. The Lord is My Shepherd brings soothing peace."

Brave New World by Alduous Huxley

I decided to reread this book. Revisiting books is worthwhile. I always get more from a book the second time I read it. So I am reading Brave New World again.

This book is a such a concerning book. it is like reading today's newspaper. It is not a jolly book. In fact, my assistant, Rachel, said she started reading it before bed, but it kept keeping her up nights! It is a brilliant book.

Alduous Huxley had some interesting ideas about life, but he was an excellent writer. He saw into the future in ways that few people did.

Mitford series by Jan Karon

I talk about these books to anyone who will listen to me! The Mitford books never fail.

Back at Christmas, I began listening to Shepherds Abiding while I baked and wrapped and sewed. Since then, I have listened to Home to Holly Springs, Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good, and Come Rain or Come Shine.

I've been listening to them on audio, and they are soothing my soul. When I first read them, I was reading to see what would happen. Now that I know what happens, I'm able to sit with them and savor them.

If you have never read the Mitford books, go get At Home in Mitford. They are a vacation in a book! Listen to episode 66 for my whole podcast episode on these books.

Even if you can't go to Italy this summer, go to Mitford. It will give you the same relaxation and lift!

Books Mentioned in this Episode

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