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Episode 109: An Easy Yoke

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Jesus said that His yoke is easy and His burden is light, but does that have any bearing on our homeschool experience? In this episode, Carole sits down with her long time friend, Kristina, to talk about their family’s experience homeschooling. Kristina’s story is one of the universal mom who has gone through this journey of learning that Jesus’ commands are not grievous. In this episode, you’ll hear about

  • Homeschooling multiple children

  • Kristina’s experience using Ambleside Online

  • How she learned to pay attention to her own intuition

  • The value of the right book at the right time and the detriment of the wrong book at the wrong time

  • How Carole’s method has helped Kristina’s family have a more enjoyable homeschool experience

To learn more about Carole’s method, click HERE to get her basic seminar, A Literature Based Approach to Education. If you like this episode, would you share it with a friend? Thanks for helping us share the message of homeschool made simple with others!

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