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Episode #112: A Dad-of-Eight's Perspective

So often in the homeschool movement, women have a predominant voice. But, no wife can homeschool without her husband's support. It's so important to include men's voices! In this episode, Carole interviews Dan Beck who shares how he and his wife, Kara, found the Moore's book, Better Late Than Early. Dan shares how that philosophy has guided their homeschooling journey up to this point. In this episode, you'll hear about:

  • how the Becks have customized each child's education

  • Dan's sons experiences serving at Coldwater Camp

  • what Dan wished he knew when he started homeschooling

  • how they managed homeschooling eight children

  • developing a nurturing family culture

  • the most important ingredient to encourage bonding

You'll be so encouraged by what Dan shares!

Listen to episode 19 to hear more about Better Late Than Early and listen to episode 49 to hear Carole's interview with Dan's wife, Kara. Help share the message of Homeschool Made Simple with others! Send one of your favorite episodes to a friend. We appreciate the help!

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