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Episode #12: Amy Carmichael

Updated: Apr 25

In this episode, I'd like to introduce you to a woman who has had a profound influence on many. Amy lived as a missionary in India for most of her life. She rescued children from Hindu temples and created a haven for them at Dohnavur Fellowship. She became "Amma" to countless children and was even influenced by Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education.

She teaches us to walk with God by faith where he places us. Do everything you can to gather her books! You want to raise your children loving her, but you will be challenged and encouraged by reading Amy's story and her faithfulness to the Indian people. My one take away from Amy: her complete trust in God despite suffering, misunderstanding, and sorrows. She never gave up on God, because she knew he would never give up on her.

Books mentioned in this episode:

The Wild Bird Child: The Life of Amy Carmichael by Derick Bingham

*Amy Carmichael: Can brown eyes be made blue? by Catherine MacKenzie

The Gold Cord: The Story of a Fellowship by Amy Carmichael

Plowed Under: A Young Girl's Obedience, God's Ever Present Grace by Amy Carmichael

The Shaping of an Indian Nurse by Amy Carmichael

Candles in the Dark by Amy Carmichael

Fragments that Remain Compiled by Bee Trehane from the letters of Amy Carmichael

Amma: The Life and Words of Amy Carmichael by Elizabeth Skoglund

A Chance to Die by Elisabeth Elliott

Amy Carmichael: Let the Little Children Come by Lois Hoadley Dick

*Rescuer by Night by Kay Walsh (Trailblazer series)

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