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Episode #124: Creating a Visual History Timeline

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

If you've heard Carole's seminar, you know she loves children to create a visual timeline as they learn history. V.M. Hillyer said to hang a timeline by a child's bed so that they internalize history as they drift off to sleep!

Bonnie Anderson joins Carole to share how she created her own visual history timeline! You'll hear some of their favorite authors, traveling to bring history alive, and a few tips for creating a timeline of your own.

You can get the primary and intermediate timelines from Bonnie a few different ways! Send her a check in the mail or pay via Paypal. Address and Paypal info below:

Each timeline is $30/each plus $5 shipping per order.



Bonnie Anderson

6845 D Chene Lane

Maple Plain, MN 55359


For more info, call Bonnie at (763) 479-1707

Text Bonnie at (763)-477-8293

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Check out episode #75 to learn more about creating your own history timelines!

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