Episode #14: The Power of Wilderness with Kevin Sutton of Coldwater Foundation

Do you want your faith to be the center of all you do in your life? How about for your children?

The wilderness plays a part in grounding people in their identity as created beings.

In this episode, I talk with my friend, Kevin Sutton of Coldwater Foundation, about the power of wilderness to build character and develop our relationship with God, our Creator. Kevin shares about how the embrace of adventure requires taking risks such as discomfort, not knowing where you are, being in an unfamiliar setting, and not knowing. To step into wilderness is to begin again in the most amazing ways which sets the stage for breakthrough in people's lives!

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Have you read Richard Louve's book, "The Last Child in the Woods"? I always recommend this book to my families! It is required reading. Find it wherever books are sold.

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