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Episode #143: Dorothy Moore: A Cofounder of the Modern Homeschool Movement

We are revisiting the most important episodes of the podcast! This originally aired as episode 36. ________________ Let me introduce you to the grandmother of the homeschooling movement in America, Dorothy Moore! You may have been influenced by her without even realizing it, especially if you follow my homeschooling method. She helped to bring the research of her visionary husband down into the practical realities of everyday life.

What you'll hear in this episode: - how to create a well-rounded student of integrity - Dorothy's contribution to her husband's visionary research - the importance of having a day's schedule - what to do with a child's tantrums - how to simplify homeschooling for young children - the secret to quiet confidence in homeschooling Click HERE to get Carole’s basic seminar, A Literature Based Approach to Education. Click HERE to learn about upcoming seminars!

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