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Episode #32: Vera's Story

Sometimes we doubt whether we are the expert of our own children. But as Dr. Raymond Moore used to always remind us, "You are the expert on your child. No one loves them better than you do. No one knows them better than you do."

It can be difficult to listen to that instinct, but we reap great rewards when we do.

Listen in as I chat with Brian and Kaleen Ezelle about their daughter, Vera, and their family's experience sending her to school then deciding to homeschool instead.

What you'll hear in this episode: - What's wrong with the hybrid school model - Dr. Moore's advice for every parent - The way you build quiet self-confidence in your child - How children learning can be integrated into the family life - The value of paying attention to your own children's needs

For more on the idea of better late than early, listen to episode #19. Click HERE to get Homeschool: Simple and Safe!

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