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Episode #33: Navigating Screens with Brett and Erin Kunkle, Part 1

Technology is a messy minefield that every parent journeys through so I brought my friends, Brett and Erin Kunkle, onto the podcast to talk about this subject from a Christian perspective. What you'll hear in this episode: - the need for a theology of technology - Christian ways of thinking of technology - how technology has morphed over time - why parents don't need to shy away from this subject - how to talk openly and often with our children - the power of taking breaks from technology

Books Mentioned in this Episode:

- Glow Kids by Nicholas Kardaras

- Screens and Teens by Kathy Koch

- Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman Part of two of my conversation with Brett and Erin Kunkle in Episode 34! If you like what you hear on Homeschool Made Simple, leave a rating and review so we can share this message with more families. Click HERE to get my introductory resource, Homeschool: Simple and Safe! Click HERE to learn more about the Kunkle's ministry, Maven. Click HERE for more info about the Kunkle's conference, Navigating a World of Screens.

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