Episode #49: Mentoring a Mom of Eight with Kara Beck

Updated: Feb 11

I met Kara Beck almost twenty years ago when she attended one of my seminars in Minnesota. She educated (and continues to educate) her children using my methods from beginning to end. Kara shares about the process of homeschooling, how her own needs as a mom have changed, and some of the amazing results she's experienced with her own children! In this episode, you'll hear about:

  • how consulting made a big difference

  • homeschooling a large family

  • the best parts of homeschooling

  • cultivating an atmosphere of learning

  • how Kara trusted the method when it seemed like too little

Click HERE to learn more about consulting with Carole Joy Seid.

Click HERE to register for the webinar, Returning to Our Roots of Greatness!

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