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Episode #50: Literature Sparked Their Creativity! with Laura Baker

Laura Baker always hoped there was a more inspiring, relaxed way to educate her children. At the beginning of her homeschooling journey, she met Carole.

Laura embraced Carole's simple, literature-based approach from the start, and the rest is history. The Baker family enjoyed a delightful learning experience!

In this episode, you'll hear about:

  • How Laura got started homeschooling her children

  • The importance of a spiritual foundation

  • A simple approach to unit studies

  • The heart of Carole's method

  • American History with early elementary children

  • An overview of Carole's pink sheets

  • The wonderful memories made while learning!

Click HERE for more information about consulting with Carole Joy Seid! Want to get the pink sheets? Find them HERE in Carole's online course, All About Homeschool, or get her seminar, A Literature Approach to Education, HERE.

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