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Episode #64: Environmental Hindrances to Learning: An Interview with Becky Blair

I'm always looking for issues that are road blocks in children's lives in terms of development and learning. In this episode, Becky Blair talks with me about her family's journey in dealing with mold and the setbacks it caused in her own children's development and learning.

Even if this topic is not on your radar, you might be surprised at the various ways it manifests itself in the body.

Whether you are dealing with this issue or not, the information Becky shares is so valuable in building up our immune systems and helping our children enjoy the vibrance that comes from healthy living!

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VCS Test (Visual Contrast Test)


ERMI Test (dust test for mold)

Envirobiomics (Option 1 - ERMI)

Dr. Richtie Shoemaker (doctor who discovered CIRS-mold illness)

Diagnosis -

Labs/treatment -

Surviving Mold (book)

Dr. Andrew Heyman (Lyme and mold specialist who works with Dr. Shoemaker and the Navy doing research) (Becky’s doctor is here – Jessica Scalzo)

Virginia Center for Health and Wellness

CIRS 4 hour video course by Dr. Heyman (doctors course)

Dr. Jill Carahan

(Great videos, podcasts and articles – easy to understand)

The Institute for Functional Medicine

Toxic (book)

Neil Nathan, MD


“Moldy” by Dave Asprey

Water Purifier

APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series Top Tier 5-Stage Certified Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System

Air Purifier

Air Doctor (watch sales – can get ½ off for around $329)

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