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Episode #77: Outdoor Play for Indoor Children

Updated: Feb 14

If you've been around for any length of time, you've probably heard me talk about getting your children outside.

I'm very passionate about children spending lots of time outdoors! It's often the remedy to many ills. However, it's not always easy to get kids outside and sometimes requires creativity.

This conversation with Jesse and Rachel Winchester will inspire you to build your family culture around time spent outdoors!

In this episode you'll hear about:

  • how to get children outside

  • what about germs?!

  • ideas for making your yard more interesting

  • having backyard chickens

  • creating a mud kitchen for your children

  • spending time as a family outside

Books mentioned in this episode:

  • Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv

  • Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots by Sharon Lovejoy

  • The American Boys Handy Book by Daniel Beard

  • Nature Play at Home by Nancy Striniste

  • Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties by Daniel Beard

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