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Episode #83: How to Navigate Technology with Teens - Interview with Greta Eskridge

I'm joined by Greta Eskridge, author of Adventuring Together, to talk about how to protect our children from the dangers of technology and pornography.

In this episode, you'll hear about:

  • ways to connect with your children

  • technology as a loaded gun

  • the need to be proactive about the dangers of technology

  • walking with children through hurt

  • giving kids a foundation for real connection and relationship

Links to help families in the fight against pornography:

*Protect Young Eyes:

This is a great spot to learn about app safety or danger, and get info on best parental control software

*Fight the New Drug:

This is a great spot to visit with your teens and young adults and see the effects of porn on the brain and find a supportive community of porn fighters

*Gospel Tech podcast :

This is a great podcast to learn about using tech in a way that honors God.

*Good Pictures/Bad Pictures :

A good resource to help parents navigate the pornography conversations with their kids ages 6-11

*How to talk to your kids about pornography :

A good resource for parents to navigate the pornography conversation with their kids ages 12+

*God Made all of Me :

A good resource to navigate the body safety conversation with your kids ages 4-8

Best places to find Greta:

*On Instagram:

*On her website:

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