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Episode #86: Self-Care with Karen Miller

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

In this episode, I'm joined by Karen Miller. In a recent conversation with Karen, she gave me a list of self-care tips, and I wanted her to share them with you too! Listen in to hear about:

  • mom guilt

  • tips for surviving and thriving as parents

  • the value of date night

  • how to stay connected to Jesus

  • the difference between a child-centered home and Christ-centered home

  • a tip for simplifying kids' activities

  • the need for a daily rest time

  • why you need a silent retreat

  • how to exercise with your children

  • ways reading for pleasure restores your soul

Learn more about my upcoming webinar HERE! Click HERE to learn more about staying at my retreat center, Sabbath Rest! Find Karen Miller online HERE. Click HERE for Karen's article, How to Take a Prayer Retreat.