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Episode 92: Carole's Christmas Stack

To end the year, we’re replaying some of the greatest hits of the podcast! In this episode, Carole shares her stack of Christmas books.

This is a replay of episode 38.

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This is the time of year when our hearts desire what is real, what is valuable, and what is meaningful. At this time, I always climb up on a step stool to the top of the bookcase in the dining room and pull down a stack of what I call “the Christmas books.”

Over the years I have read these out loud and we have cherished many of these stories as a family, but I also love the joy of just reading them alone on a quiet afternoon, as the sun pours through the bay window.

I thought I would list some of these books for you, and share a little bit about each of them.

For the full list, find the show notes HERE.

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