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Episode #46: Irresistible Innocence: The Books of Marguerite de Angeli

Marguerite de Angeli wrote books featuring happy, cozy families who loved their children. She believed it benefits children to read stories of warm family life. I agree! If you've never met Marguerite de Angeli, let me introduce you to this wonderful author and illustrator.

Books Mentioned in this Episode:

  1. Fiddlestrings

  2. Henner's Lydia

  3. Butter at the Old Price (autobiography)

  4. Michigan's Marguerite de Angeli by William Anderson

  5. Skipback School

  6. Copper-Toed Boots

  7. Thee, Hannah!

  8. Yonie Wondernose

  9. Jared's Island

  10. The Door in the Wall

  11. Bright April

  12. Book of Nursery and Mother Goose Rhymes

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