A breath of fresh air



I recently attended two "Begin with the End in Mind” seminars.  One was in California and the other in Minnesota.  I was, yet again, so blessed.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge.  I can’t tell you enough how much your method has been a blessing to my family.  My children are growing in God and growing academically.  They truly love to read and can almost always be found with a book in their hand.  I am so grateful for all I have learned attending your seminars and listening at home to the seminars I have purchased.  I have gained a passion for reading I never had before and my kids are benefiting greatly from it.  The time my husband and I spend reading aloud to our children is truly special and has brought our family closer.  My kids play “Pooh Sticks”, recite A.A. Milne poems, and quote phrases from many other books. The books on your lists are captivating, well written and build character.  Thank you for taking the time to invest in my family, I am grateful.  Everything you say to do works!  

Your philosophy is a breath of fresh air to me.  I appreciate your love for the Lord, children, and homeschool moms.  I have been using your method exclusively for the last two years and have been so blessed.  My relationships with my children are growing; their love for books, reading, and learning have flourished.  I can’t say enough good things.  I am thankful for you pouring into me as a homeschool mom.  My children have become voracious readers. I love your book lists.  You have made finding great books for my children and for me so easy.  My kids beg my husband and I to read “just one more chapter” of the books on her list. 

A voice calling in the desert



Carole has been a sort of John the Baptist in my life, a voice calling in the desert. Shining light, encouraging, leading to the Savior. When I say I appreciate her, it does not feel strong enough. Over the years I have discovered the "whys" in her advice; daily uncovering the gifts behind her instructions. The fruit that has come in our family astounds me; I see the abundance Jesus speaks about in our home. ... I look around my life and Carole's encouragement is everywhere. She has lived Titus 2 in my life and it has made a tremendous difference. She has rejoiced with each new baby, taught me how I can love and respect my husband better daily, given me a road map for guiding and setting our children's hearts on the right paths. They do love learning and Jesus is embedded in all we do! May Carole's ministry simply grow larger as He provides the energy for His calling on her life.

Revolutionized our way of life



Carole has changed our homeschool, our family dynamics, and our lives and continues to do so! There are not words to express our thanks. Her consultations, seminars, podcasts, and book recommendations have revolutionized our way of life. My daughter and I just finished reading The House at Pooh Corner and our favorite was "A Very Grand Thing." We laughed and laughed at Piglet in the tablecloth and Pooh talking from under the chair as Owl's house was blown over. My daughter was crying she was laughing so hard. I thought of Carole and knew we would not have had this sweet moment had I not taken her advice. Instead, I would have been a general hovering over my 7-year-old to complete a workbook page. I can't sing Carole's praises enough! Thank you for following the Spirit's leading and sharing with others!

This has changed our lives



Our family started Carole's homeschool method 4 years ago with our 4 children.

Our 21-year-old got a 4-year-Presidential scholarship to Chapman University and has held a 4.0 for all his years in college. He was the first student from Chapman to win the Rhodes Scholraship for Oxford University and wants to attend the Ravi Zacharias institute in Oxford as he studies for medical research. He plans to finish his Medical studies at Stanford or Harvard. He wants to help children fighting cancer.
Our 18-year-old got a scholarship to Stanford University and starts June 2019. He will be wrestling for Stanford and pursuing Business. His goal is to wrestle in the Olympics.
We want to thank you for helping us instilling the love of reading into our children as this has changed their lives and we know that they will be used mightily as God leads them out. Thank you for all your do from the bottom of our hearts.


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