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Begin With The End In Mind
Webinar  |  July 15
, 2023

Whether your children are in diapers or already learning to drive, Carole’s seminar, Begin with the End in Mind, will lift up your eyes to see how a literature based approach can carry you through every year of your child's education.
Carole will be joined by her son, J.J., and they will begin the webinar talking about socialization, the place of extracurricular activities, and how travel fits into your child's education. Carole will also teach you how to let literary classics be the core of your curriculum even through the teen years!
In the afternoon, Carole will talk about how to equip your children with a philosophical framework to understand and navigate the culture. Finally, Carole and J.J. will finish the day with information for how to prepare your child for what comes after they leave your nest whether that be college, trade school, or something else. 
Though this seminar especially focuses on the later years of homeschooling, you will gain vision for how this simple method can carry you through all the years of homeschooling! 
Every participant will receive corresponding book lists to homeschool for high school. The replay of the seminar will be available for two weeks after the live event.

See details below. Online registration is non-refundable.

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​- Hosted virtually on Zoom

- 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CT

- Cost: $55 by 7/05; $70 after 7/05

- Access to booklists is included in purchase.

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